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Strawberry delight pt.1

I walk in taking her beauty in as she stands in the kitchen with nothing but a pink thong on teasing me. she has this look in her eyes that tell me what i need to do and i should get on it quick. I walk over grab her by the waist pull her close to me look deep into her eyes. I pick her up her legs around my waist put her on the kitchen counter kissing her,and caressing her. i kiss her neck as she grabs my body slowly move down to her breast then her belly button. I lay her down grabbing  strawberry’s and whip cream from the fridge. She lays there ready and waiting for me to beat her pussy up but not yet i pour the whip cream over her breast taking a strawberry and dipping it in putting it in her mouth. Shes watching me as i lick the whip cream off her breast. swirling my tong around her nipple, sucking it, and stroking it ever so gently feeling it as she get wetter soaking the counter tops with her juices. 

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